NMO800P3P-Nylon Filter Mesh 800micron - NMO800P3P-Nylon Filter Mesh 800micron

NMO800P3P-Nylon Filter Mesh 800micron, China NMO800P3P-Nylon Filter Mesh 800micron, Quality NMO800P3P-Nylon Filter Mesh 800micron manufacture by COX Filter Cloth.


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NMO800P3P-Nylon Filter Mesh 800micron

SKU: NMO800P3P-Nylon Filter Mesh 800micron
Minimum Quantity: 25
Size: Size 3 (4×7)
Material: Micron Nylon Filter Mesh Cloth
Micron Rating: 800
Style: Plastic Ring
Ring Material: Polypropylene

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Precisely woven to ensure accurate filtration (absolute rated bags), this monofilament mesh withstands temperatures up to 325 F. NMO800P3P NMO-800-P3P NMO800P3PS NMO-800-P3P-S NMO800P3PA NMO-800-P3P-A BNMO800P3P BNMO-800-P3P BNMO800P3PS BNMO-800-P3P-S BNMO800P3PA BNMO-800-P3P-A NM0800P3P NM0-800-P3P NM0800P3PS NM0-800-P3P-S NM0800P3PA NM0-800-P3P-A BNM0800P3P BNM0-800-P3P BNM0800P3PS BNM0-800-P3P-S BNM0800P3PA BNM0-800-P3P-A BNMO800P3PWE BNMO800P3P


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