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DUST FILTER BAGS, China DUST FILTER BAGS, Quality DUST FILTER BAGS manufacture by COX Filter Cloth.

COX Filter Tech eine Reihe von Filterbeuteln Lösungen bieten - Dust collector bags, Dust filter pockets, Pleated filter elements, Dust sleeves, Dust socks — for numerous industries and applications. We offer a complete line of superior quality replacement and custom filter bags designed to fit most manufacturers dust collector baghouses. COX Dust collector bags are suitable for all common cleaning systems regardless whether they are:Pulse jet bags, Reverse-air bags, Shaker filter bags, Static filter bags, Custom filter bags.

COX Filterbeutel to fit kinds styles and types of baghouses and dust collection systems. Filter bags come in a wide range of fabrics, coatings, finishes, sizes and configurations. COX is proud to supply custom filter bags for your specific application. Just contact us with your requirements and we’ll be glad to suggest the best product for your needs. führende Zeiten short to 10working days for stock fabric, cost effective solutions and responsive service to your filter bag needs.

Filterbeutel Materialien

Filter Bag Material(Filter fabric) Most Popular Materials:
Polyester(PE, PET, PES) Filter Bag Polypropylene(PP) Filter Bag Acrylfiltertüte,
Aramid / Nomex Beutelfilter PPS Filterbeutel P84 Filterbeutel PTFE-Filter Bag
Fiberglas-Filterbeutel Basalt

Bags Finish Treatment & Type

Filter Fabrics are available in various fabric weights and treatments such as singed, glazed, PTFE membrane, Teflon dipping, anti-static and more.
COX Filtration provide ready-to-install Dust Collector Bags in a variety of different sizes, lengths and shapes. Dust Collector Bags are available in various top and bottom versions, with welded and stitched seams.
Dust filter bag construction include snap band top, A-hanger, raw edge, grommet, cord, loop, strap, disc bottom, disc w/ wearstrip, flange, hem, sewn flat, envelope, compression cap and more.

Staubsammelsysteme Typen

Bag type dust collecting systems generally fall into one of the Pulse Jet or Plenum Pulse and Shaker or Reverse Flow cleaning systems.
In Pulse Jet and Plenum Pulse systems, the dust is collected on the outside of the filter bag and the clean air exits through the inside of the bag. The bag is supported by a wire cage to prevent the bag from collapsing during operation.
In a ‘Top Load’ system, the bags and cages are installed from the clean air side of the cell plate while with ‘Bottom Load’ they are installed from the dirty air/hopper side of the unit.

Pulse-Typ Filterbeutel

Pulse-Typ Filterbeutel Eingenähte in Rund Disc Basis Plain Open Top-Snap Band Top einpassen
Eingenähte in Kreisscheibenbasis mit Auto Cuff Stützflansch Top mit Drahtring Open Top mit Cuff und Cord

Shaker-Typ Filterbeutel

In Shaker and Reverse-Air cleaning systems the dust is collected on the inside of the filter bag. Since the bag is inflated with the air/dust stream, support cages are not required. The filtered air exits through the outside surface of the bags. Many configurations are available to suit the needs of most dust collectors.
Shaker-Type Filter Bags have following type:Strap Top
Loop-Top Open Top mit Cuff und Cord Compression Band Top mit Cap
Grommet Top Genäht-In-Draht-Hänger-Ober Snapband mit Nutprofil Zellplattenloch einpassen
Snapband mit flachem Filz Wheelabrator Stil Handy-Platte einpassen

baghouses Lieferanten

High quality replacement filters bags are available for the following Dust Collector Units:
AAF Aerodyne Aero Aget BACT Ingenieur Barber-Grün
Baumco Buell / Norblo Bühler-Miag Carter-Day DCE Volk DustexDusty
Emtrol Farr Flakt Flex-Kleen-Fresser UAS WW Sly
Hoffman ICA / Ecolair Intensifilter Kice Mac Ausrüstung Mikropul
Parsons Pneumafil Procedair Ind. Research-Cottrel Torit/Donaldson
Scientific Semco/Keystone Intl. Wheelabrator Dustless/Griffin Env. Murphy-RodgersPangborn


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