NMO1200P1P - NMO1200P1P

NMO1200P1P, China NMO1200P1P, Quality NMO1200P1P manufacture by COX Filter Cloth.


Bảng dữliệu NMO1200P1PNMO1200P1P


Minimum Quantity: 25
Size: Size 1 (7×14)
Material: Micron Nylon Filter Mesh Cloth
Micron Rating: 1200
Style: Plastic Ring
Ring Material: Polypropylene

polyester túi lọc nhà cung cấptúi lọc 180 micronpolyester kim cảm thấy túi lọctúi lọc chất lỏng uk100 micron túi lọc nylon220 micron túi lọc kim tự tháppolyester túi lưới lọctúi lọc để lọc chất lỏng1 micron polyester felt filter bag25 micron filter bag – sock1 micron filter bag waterjet 5 micron filter bag1000 micron filter bagpolyester cảm thấy túi lọc5 micron nylon filter bagtúi lọc nylon có quan hệmicron túi lưới lọc50 micron filter bagtúi polyester lọc uk5 micron túi lọc chất lỏng1 micron túi lọc bụitúi lọc micron5 micron túi lọc chất lỏng100 micron mesh filter baghệ thống túi lọc chất lỏngtúi lọc microntúi lọc cho bể cá5 micron nylon filter bagsub micron filter bag25 micron filter bags

Precisely woven to ensure accurate filtration (absolute rated bags), this monofilament mesh withstands temperatures up to 325 F. NMO1200P1P NMO-1200-P1P NMO1200P1PS NMO-1200-P1P-S NMO1200P1PA NMO-1200-P1P-A BNMO1200P1P BNMO-1200-P1P BNMO1200P1PS BNMO-1200-P1P-S BNMO1200P1PA BNMO-1200-P1P-A NM01200P1P NM0-1200-P1P NM01200P1PS NM0-1200-P1P-S NM01200P1PA NM0-1200-P1P-A BNM01200P1P BNM0-1200-P1P BNM01200P1PS BNM0-1200-P1P-S BNM01200P1PA BNM0-1200-P1P-A BNMO1200P1PWE BNMO1200P1P



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