7"X17",7"X32" MICRON FILTER BAGS, China 7"X17",7"X32" MICRON FILTER BAGS, Quality 7"X17",7"X32" MICRON FILTER BAGS manufacture by COX Filter Cloth.

Micron PP Filter Bag Details

Polypropylene Filter Bag Micron PP filter bag

Place of Origin:Shan dongBrand Name:COXType:Pocket Filter
Usage:Liquid Filter BagMaterial Of Bag:polyester,polypropylenefiltering precision:about 99%
standard:ISO9001:2009characters:alkaline and acidic resistance,hydrolisis and anti-oxidabilityring type:plastic /metal
applied field:chemical,pharmacy,pharmaceutical, metallurgy,mining and machinery

Liquid PP Filter Bag Info

FOB Price:US $1 – 5 /pc
Minimum Order Quantity:300 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability:500000 pcs/Week
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T, western union

Polypropylene Filter Bag Pack & Delivery

Packaging Detail:in cartons or in bundles
Delivery Detail:according to quantity,normallly about 10 days after payments

PP Filter Bags Spec

1.high efficiency of filtering
2.excellent wetness & wearness resistance
3.long service life
Features of the filter bags
1) Size:7″ x 17″, 7″ x 32″
2) Types: PE/PP needle felt, Nylon
3) Applications: dry/wet filtration, dust collection Industrial Filtration Filter Bags1. Introduction Durable bag is pure high-quality melt-blown microfiber cloth after finely hot melt or car every made. The bag filter accuracy is usually nominal filter accuracy. The bag has excellent chemical properties, stability and heat resistance is applied to the highest performance in the media industry on behalf of all commonly used filter material performance the most high-end variety, have reached a higher filtration efficiency and filter precision. level.
Commonly used filter such as PE, PP, PTFE, NMO.
2.Characters The filter bag is a key part in the baghouse during operation, usually cylindrical bag vertically hanging in the dust collector. The fabric and design of the bag should be the pursuit of high-efficiency filter, easy-to-dust stripping and durable effect. Pulse and air box pulse dust collector, dust is attached to the outer surface of the bag. Dusty gas after dust collector, dust is captured in the outer surface of the filter bag and clean gas enters into the bag through the filter internally.
Bag inside cage to support the filter bag to prevent bag collapse, while it helps to clear and re-distribution of the dust cake. * Cloth is relying on the thickness of the filter of the filter layer, belonging to deep filter * the filter layer depth of three-dimensional porous structure formed by the fiber from the inside and the outside, from loose to dense, the formation of a gradient filter
High capacity sewage volume, long filter life, low dropout
Material: PP (polypropylene), the PE (polyester),
Collar ring: stainless steel ring, plastic ring.
Divsion (1)The capillary fiber oil absorption filter bag It is part of the pre-filter layer, filter layer, and screen cover.
Micron filter bag specifically designed to effectively absorb the liquid oil. The porosity of the filter material up to 80%, greatly improving the life of the product.
Oil absorption as high as 12 to 20 times of the bag’s own weight (specifically due to fluid and fat characteristics, flow rate varies)
Absolute precision seamless bag
It is formed by pure polypropylene capillary fiber thermal meltblown. The outer layer is thicker deep filter material, to provide layered filter; within the set of large-diameter filter to further enhance the overall deep filter effects, and improve the capacity of the impurities ability. The life of an average of more than five times that of ordinary polypropylene bag. The maximum filtering accuracy 3um. Collar ring, plastic ring.
Nylon mesh bag for election materials to a single mesh polyester single mesh, polypropylene multi-strand wire mesh. Maximum filtering accuracy 20um
Features: absolute filtration precision, high toughness, anti-sabotage, fiber free, can be used repeatedly
Performance Heat resistance, strong acid, weak acid, strong base, weak base, fats and oils, aromatic, glycol ethers, organic solvents, microorganisms.
Filtration precision: PE / PP 0.1,0.5, 1,3,5,10, 25,50,80,100,125,150,200,300,400,600,800,1000 multilayer high efficiency filter bags impurities catches 2-3 times that of the ordinary needle felt filter bag removal efficiency higher than 90%

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