NMO250P4P-A -Nylon filterstrømpen - NMO250P4P-A -Nylon Filter Sock

NMO250P4P-A -Nylon Filter Sock, China NMO250P4P-A -Nylon Filter Sock, Quality NMO250P4P-A -Nylon Filter Sock manufacture by COX Filter Cloth.

NMO250P4P-A nylonnetpose Filter

NMO250P4P-A nylonnetpose Filter

datablad NMO250P4P-A nylonnetpose Filter NMO250P4P-A nylonnetpose Filter

The NMO250P4P-A is a 250 Micron 4-1/8 Inch (D) x 14 Inch (L) Nylon Monofilaments Mesh Bag Filter with Plastic Flange w/ Auto Seam-
COX Nylon Monofilament woven filter media is made from substantially continuous strands of Nylon Monofilament. Stronger then Multifilament media.

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Vægt30 lbs
Dimensioner15 x 5 x 5 in
micron Rating250
Bag Size & SpecsP4P 4-1/8 Inch (D) x 14 Inch (L)
Indløb Udløb Type21
MedietypeNMO = Nylon Monofilament
Bag Ring Flange stilAuto Seam

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NMO250P4P-A nylonnetpose Filter

NMO250P4P-A -Nylon filterstrømpen

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