AIR FILTERS, China AIR FILTERS, Quality AIR FILTERS manufacture by COX Filter Cloth.

COX Filter Cloth’s successful HVAC Air Filters products as follows: Coarse Filter Cotton, Ceiling Filter, Floor Filter, Heat-Resistant Air Filter, all kinds of Pocket, Plank, Foldaway Filters, Primary Filter, Secondary Filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filters, and all different kinds of clean products and equipments used in the cleaning room and ventilation system of HVAC(heating & ventilation application).

Air Filter Media
Glass Fibre Synthetic Media Polyfoam
Coarse Filter Cotton
G2(EU2), G3(EU3), G4(EU4),

Ceiling filter,spray booth filter media: F5(EU5)
PA-50 Paint arrestor、Paint stop、Glass mat: G3(EU3), G4(EU4)
Multilayer non-woven bag filter media: F5, F6, F7, F8, F9
Synthetic fiber filter bag

Panel Air Filter(Foldaway plank filter:G2, G3, G4, F5)
Glass Panel Filters
Synthetic Panel Filters
Pleated Panel Filters
High Performance Pleated Panels
Pad Holding Frame
Polyfoam Washable
Metal Washable
Rod Framed Fan Coil

Bag Filter
General Purpose Bag Filter
High Performance Bag Filter
High Performance Rigid
Plastic Rigid Bag

HEPA Filters
H10 to H14 to EN1822
LEPA Filters (HP RP)
F6 -F9 to EN779

ULPA Filters
U15-16 Cassette Filters
Cassette Filters
H10 to H14 to EN779

Metal mesh pre-filter:G2(EU2)
Synthetic fiber plank pre-filter:G2(EU2), G3(EU3), G4(EU4)
Nylon mesh pre-filter: G1,G2
Plank temperature resistance filter:G3(EU3), G4(EU4), F5(EU5)

Washable pre-filter:G3,G4
Synthetic fiber pocket pre-filter: G3, G4
Synthetic fiber filter bag:G3-F8
Medium efficiency anti-static pocket filter:F5,F6,F7,F8,F9
Medium efficiency box filter:F6,F7,F8,F9
Medium efficiency combined filter:
Deep-pleat HEPA filter
Mini-pleat HEPA filter
HEPA combined filter
High-temp. HEPA filter


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