NMO25P2P-A -Nylon Filter Sukka - NMO25P2P-A -Nylon Filter Sock

NMO25P2P-A -Nylon Filter Sock, China NMO25P2P-A -Nylon Filter Sock, Quality NMO25P2P-A -Nylon Filter Sock manufacture by COX Filter Cloth.

NMO25P2P-Nailon Mesh Bag Suodata

NMO25P2P-Nailon Mesh Bag Suodata

data Sheet NMO25P2P-Nailon Mesh Bag Suodata NMO25P2P-Nailon Mesh Bag Suodata

The NMO25P2P-A is a 25 Micron 7-1/16 Inch (D) x 32 Inch (L) Nylon Monofilaments Mesh Bag Filter with Plastic Flange w/ Auto Seam-
COX Nylon Monofilament woven filter media is made from substantially continuous strands of Nylon Monofilament. Stronger then Multifilament media.

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Paino30 lbs
Mitat17 x 8 x 8 in
Micron Arvostelu25
Bag Size & SpecsP2P 7-1/16 Inch (D) x 32 Inch (L)
Media TypeNMO = nailonmonofilamentista
Laukku rengaslaippaan StylePlastic Flange (Standard on all bags)
bag VaihtoehdotAuto Sauma

500 micron filter bag akvaarion hiilisuodatin pussit akvaarion suodatinsukka pidike akvaario suodatin pussit uk 90 micron filter bag nylon mesh suodatinpussi polyesteri suodatinpussi 1 micron mesh filter bag 16 oz polyester filter bags akvaario suodatin pussit 70 micron filter bag neste suodatinpussien Kanada 1/2 micron filter bag 5 micron polyester filter bag 180 micron filter bag aquarium filter bag holder 1 micron filter bag cost 1 micron filter bag water suodatinpussi akvaarion nailonverkon suodatinpussien uk 40 micron filter bag polyesteriverkko suodatinpussi duda diesel 1 micron filter bag suodatinpussi mikronin arvosana sub micron filter bag 10 micron nylon filter bag akvaarion suodatin bio pussi nailon hautua ämpäri suodatinpussi 25 micron nylon filter bag 0.5 micron water filter bag NMO15P1P-EB Nylon Filter Mesh Bag Filter with Plastic Flange – 15 Micron 7-1/16 Inch (D) x 16-1/2 Inch (L) w/ Edge Bindin
NMO15P1P Nylon Filter Mesh Bag Filter with Plastic Flange – 15 Micron 7-1/16 Inch (D) x 16-1/2 Inch (L)
NMO1P1P-MC Nylon Filter Mesh Bag Filter with Plastic Flange – 1 Micron 7-1/16 Inch (D) x 16-1/2 Inch (L) w/ Mesh Cover
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NMO25P2P-Nailon Mesh Bag Suodata

NMO25P2P-A -Nylon Filter Sukka

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