Micron filtar vrećicu - MICRON FILTER BAG

COX Filter Cloth Ltd., especially in manufacture and export Micron Nylon filter bag, Tekući poliestera vrećica filter, micron Polypropylene filter bag, liquid filter fabric, filtar tkanina, Nylon Screen Mesh Fabric, polyester screen Mesh Fabric, Sediment &; Dewatering Filter Bag , separated from the parent company in the domestic market, established based on the vast demands of water filter bag fabric and liquid filter mesh from several international organizations since 2005, has become one of the most important exporters of water pes filter bags, aquarium nylon filter bags, Nylon Filter Mesh Fabric, PP filter fabric and liquid filter bag fabrics in China and enjoys a good reputation in the abroad market.
Micron filter bags, liquid filter fabrics, filtar tkanina, filter print screen,Sediment &; Dewatering Filter Bag are our main manufacture and export products. There are kinds liquid filter materials available, such as needle type Polyester and PP, woven type Nylon, PE, ne hrđajući Čelik. Mono Filament Filter Cloth and Multi Filament Filter Cloth both available on PP, Polyester and Nylon materail. postavka topline, mrvljenjem, singeing, anti static finish treatment also available for filter media according the material and application of the bag’;s working condition.
Needle type Mikrona filtar vrećicu can select from needle PP, poliester. Filtration rate rage is 0.1~200 micron. Neck material mostly select carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic.
Weave type Filtar vrećica voda can select from nylon, poliester, ne hrđajući Čelik. Filtration rate rage is 1~2000 micron. Neck material mostly select carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic.
COX Filter Tkanina has been devoting itself to offering qualified mikrona torba filter, liquid filter bag fabric and filter fabric with reliable service and competitive price to meet the demands of yours..
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