fabricae Application

Many industrial(such as flour powder, chemical dust, coal powder,Cement industry, Asphalt factory, Carbon black industry, Smelting factory etc.) dust easily resulted burst in the explosion and conflagration when it meets the static discharge if its content comes to a certain extent.
In the dedusting application of those cases, the dust should be collected with special dust bags which are anti-static.
The common needle filter fabric can not working such conditions, conductive carbon neeedle with polyester fiber or the filter fabric which combining the conducting fiber into the base cloth, named anti-static filter fabric.

Morbi Feature Polyester

Antistatic Polyester Filter Bag feature.
1) Antistatic function
2) Easy to distroy the static
3) High Air Permeability
4) Clean workhouse for processing
5) Easy clear and long useful life
6) Packing in polybag or carton

Morbi Datasheet editions Filter Polyester

Morbi editions Filter foramen acus transire antistatic Polyester
Ad Maerentem
Polyester alimentorum fibra / + antistatic scrim Polyester
2.0 +/- 0.2(mm)
aeris Permeabilidad
>250 (L/mII·s)
Distrahentes fortitudo
Warp: ≥800 Weft: ≥1200 (N/200×50mm)
working Temperature
Continuous: <130 (quodC); Instant: <150 (quodC)
consummatione amet
heat setting, singeing, calendering,
water&oil repellent, PTFE membrane

Antastatic Polyester Filter FabricMorbi foramen acus transire antistatic Polyester & Morbi editions Filter foramen acus transire antistatic Polyester


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