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Nylon Filter Bag

Nylon mesh filter bag is a kind of economic filter bag which is made by nylon monofilament. It can be repeatedly washed. Each wire according to certain pick density weave into and has formed certain nets holes.

Nylon Filter Bags Filtering principles

Screen filter bag belong to surface filtering, when in filtering in diameter hole mesh particles of the net, the filter cloth can intercept in the surface, diameter less than nets hole mesh is the particles through nets hole into the lower, so as to realize the surface filtering, smooth surface and easy to clean.

Nylon Filter Bag

Nylon Filter Bags

Design processing parameters
1. material available: nylon/Polyester/PP
2. Micron rating: 25, 30, 35, 50, 75, 80, 100, 150, 200 up to 1000micron
3. Construction: sewn with drawstring
4. Size available: standard and custom sizes

Nylon Filter Bags Advantages

1.economic liquid filter bag 2.smooth surface
3.easy to clean 4.mesh evenly

Polyester/Nylon Mesh drawstring filter bag Basic Info.

Price:US $ / Piece View More
Trade Terms:FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union
Model NO.:50um-1000um
Usage:Liquid Filter
Filtration Grade:Liquid Filter
Medium Material:Microfiber
Type:Mesh Filter Bag
construction:sewn with drawstring
Export Markets:Global


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